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This is us

We are an owner-managed campsite in the 4th family generation with a size of about 3.5 hectares and 160 pitches. About 78 of them are permanent campers, some of whom have been with us for over 35 years.


The short connection to the motorway, and yet the beautiful nature around us on the outskirts of Illertissen, makes us unique. Our passion for the campsite and for our camping guests is also unique, whether you stay with us for just one night or for several days and weeks. Should technical problems arise, we are happy to help our guests in an uncomplicated manner with advice and action. ​


We and our team, which we pay well and can therefore keep for the long term, put a great deal of effort into care and cleanliness in the terraced campsite. We guide each individual to their pitch, explain everything personally and you won't be left with a 'flood of paper'. Whether you are passing through, a holiday camper or a long-term camper, you are always welcome and in good hands with us.

A small excerpt from the opinions of our camping guests: "We have never seen such a clean campsite and we have been to many campsites." “The washhouses are so clean, you could eat off the floor without worrying.” "rarely seen such a well-kept campsite"... Cleanliness costs money, from cleaning products and maintenance to staff. We replace all silicone joints every 2-3 years to ensure tightness and beauty. What many people don't know is that we still do most of the work ourselves with our team. Whether earthworks, water supply, electrical engineering, swimming pool technology, tree and hedge care, maintenance, part of the IT technology or everything related to the reception. That's why we have an eye for what makes a campsite special.

In everything we do we try to keep that 'flair' of a campsite, believe in it, and that's why you won't find mobile homes or anything like that with us. A campsite should be a place for 'camping' - nothing more and nothing less. ​


Convince yourself, let yourself be surprised by the constant innovations and the continuous improvement process and follow our motto 'deceleration'. ​ Discover wonderful cycling and hiking trails, starting right on the doorstep, the beautiful town of Illertissen with its many places to linger, the beautiful Iller meadows around us and the legendary Iller cycle path 300m away from us. ​


Visit our camper lounge and let Andrea with her team spoil you with delicious food. Right here on the camp site!

A note about our prices and the energy surcharge on the ACSI Card: Everything is included in our prices, showers as long as you want, warm water and heated washhouses, garbage fees, use of the swimming pool, well maintained spaces and, not to forget, absolutely hygienically clean washhouses. You will therefore have to search for a long time for comparable campsites. Our energy surcharge on the ACSI Card results from the fact that when the ACSI prices were set for the years 2023 and 2024, there would be no energy crises, cost explosions and inflation that was not foreseeable at the time. Energy costs were now at their highest and will now almost level off again in 2023, but the price increases have remained. Without this surcharge, the campsite operators would no longer be able to operate and cover their costs. Unfortunately, we will have to introduce a reservation fee from 2024, as in recent years it has often happened that bookings were not kept and no cancellations were made, and therefore the administrative effort has increased enormously. Keeping seats free only to find out that the guest simply won't come is a huge effort!

What do we do for this fee: You have the certainty that you will actually get a reserved space, we try to make the  spaces you want possible, even if that means there are a few days in between when the space is not booked. We respond to special requests and sometimes turn a blind eye - we are and will remain honest!


Information about the ACSI Card: ​ 

  Validity: 03/28/24 to 06/15/24 and 09/15/24 until the end

  Included: Space: Small Standard pitch - All pitches with us already included (comfort but extra)

  Included: Power connection: 6A and a maximum of 4 KwH - with us 16A (10A) and not limited

  Included: normal car, caravan, mobile home, canopy, electricity, 1 dog, 2 adults, hot showers once, children up to 6 

  years old - With us, no size differences, showers as long as you want!

  Not included: Warm water for washing up, larger spaces, garbage fee, WiFi - with us already included (Wifi 1 night)

  Not included: Reservation and administration costs, information about whether an ACSI card is available... (only 

  reservations fee, but we ask the guests if they have an ACSI card)


  The guest must show the card himself!!

Feel you arrived with us!

The great team from camping illertissen around Liselotte Rauhut and her son Frank Moser

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