From a fish farm of Fritz Glass in 1931 originated from 1949 to 1950, the first swimming pool in Illertissen, with a size of 50m length and 12m in width.
Opening of the swimming pool in 1950


               Old fish farm




Since that time there were no lakes, the crowd was very high. Even the lifeguard took advantage of the outdoor pool for their exercise, as it had 6m at the lowest point





By chance came 1952, the first tent sites. The campsite was born.





   first prospectus  1954




In 1955 the accession to the DCC (German Camping Club)

   prospectus 1958



   prospectus  1962




In 1964 the first sanitary facilities for camping and bathers




Shortly thereafter, changing rooms and a restaurant were built




1966, the campsite was enlarged to the south. The first caravans came






In 1972, the remaining extension to the still existing size of 3.5 acres. Paths created, electricity, water, sewage and lighting was laid.
Places divided, and already settled the first time campers.





                        1975 had to be reduced to the length of 18 meters swimming pool. Since then, the bathroom is only the campers and Dauercampern available.








Then in 1977 came the second major sanitary facilities





1981 was the last year in which the stream ran through the campground or water from the source.
Three years was then artificially water filled before also has run out.






                                        In 1998 we have the old cabins, outbuildings and reception demolished to make room for new ...








    On 01/09/2007 the demolition of the oldest wash house began in 1964




    Then the new




    During the construction of the latest state of the art, the site of the Abwassernetzt the town of Illertissen was connected via a newly laid pressure sewer and pump shafts. Gas pipelines have been laid, so as to bring environmentally friendly water and heating to temperature.



    Thus, the wash-house newly built looks from June 2009


    And so the reception looks today. The access road was widened and shifted the barrier.



    Renovation of the swimming pool 2016





    Redesigned reception 2016/2017





    First part of rehabilitation sanitary building - roof and facade 2017





    Automation also with us: barrier before - after 2017





    Oktoberfest for our campers 2018 





    The paths were re-asphalted 2019





    Electrical boxes with lighting - house development





    And we're not done yet !! Come with us !